BJJ Belt Promotion Calculator

This belt time calculator is purely based on statistical data. When calculating the time to your next BJJ belt promotion and the time to higher belt promotions (Black, Coral and Red), it treats you as the statistically average BJJ practitioner.

The calculation can’t account for intensity, injuries, competition etc. and individual promotion times will vary greatly around the mean calculated by the calculator below.

We know that this tool is highly inaccurate for any individual person and it is only supposed to give a rough reference. Check below for calculation and statistics insights.

BJJ Belt Promotion Calculator

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Further Resources

We wrote extensive articles about how long it takes to get promoted to Blue Belt and Black Belt. You can find the statistical data that builds the foundation of this calculator there.

Furthermore, we explained the BJJ ranking system and everything you need to know about the highest BJJ belts in our articles on the BJJ Coral Belt and BJJ Red Belt (including lists of all belt holders today).

Data on how long it takes to receive a Black belt in BJJ
Scatterplot showing time it takes to receive a Black Belt in BJJ
Histogram time until BJJ Black Belt
Histogram showing the time it takes to receive a Black Belt in BJJ