Best Jiu Jitsu Dummy 2023: 40+ Drills and How to Fill it

Jiu Jitsu dummy

When it comes to improving your Jiu Jitsu skills, having a reliable training partner is essential and makes a significant difference. But what if you don’t have a training partner at hand?

Enter the Jiu Jitsu dummy, a versatile training tool that allows practitioners to enhance their techniques and grappling skills without relying on a human training partner.

In this article, we will explore the world of Jiu Jitsu dummies, including the best options available, effective BJJ dummy drills, and the essential steps to properly fill a Jiu Jitsu dummy.

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Best BJJ Dummy in 2023: Our Favorite

Hawk Sports Grappling Dummy

Hawk Sports BJJ Dummy

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Jiu Jitsu Dummy FAQ

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions on Jiu Jitsu training dummies:

We recommend filling your Jiu Jitsu Dummy with old clothes, towels, blankets, raw cotton, poly-fil, or any other cotton filler material. You can also add sandbags or poly pellets if you want to add additional weight.

Filling your Jiu Jitsu Dummy is easy. Start by gathering sufficient materials. Fill up the limbs first, then fill up the torso. Finally, you can adjust the material distribution and density as well as add additional weight.

We do not recommend making a BJJ Dummy yourself. There are plenty of cheap options today where you can add the filling yourself.

The most efficient frills you can do with a BJJ Dummy are the ones that don’t require a lot of reaction from a partner, like movement drills, certain transitions, and finishing mechanics.

You should always store your BJJ Dummy in a dry environment of moderate temperature to ensure longevity. You can make it doesn’t affect hygiene negatively by disinfecting it from time to time.

What is the Best Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy in 2023?

Choosing the best Jiu Jitsu grappling dummy can be tough with all the options available in 2023. We tried the most popular ones that don’t cost a fortune and reviewed them for you.

If you look for a BJJ Dummy on Amazon, you will find a few ones that are all very similar. Who knows, maybe they are all produced by the same company with different resellers branding them.

Nevertheless, here are the options you have and can’t go wrong with:

#1 Hawk Sports Grappling Dummy

The Hawk Sports Jiu Jitsu Dummy is our first choice when it comes to grappling dummies. We have never been disappointed with Hawk Sports Gear. Their products are reasonably priced and easily available through Amazon.

For the price, you will get a solid training dummy which makes it the perfect choice for everyone curious about Jiu Jitsu dummies.

891 Ratings

BJJ Dummy
  • All-purpose: Can be used for MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Karate and Judo
  • 5 feet tall
  • Realistic experience
  • Especially designed for grappling
  • 100% safe and easy to use
  • 3 Years replacement warranty!
  • Unfilled

#2 Jendila MMA & Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy

Jendila offers a similar Jiu Jitsu Training Dummy that is available in different sizes. As stated above, the models offered are very similar and might even be produced by the same company, who knows.

Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with either of these. Simply choose by preference and looks.

446 Ratings

Jiu Jitsu Dummy
  • Premium Canvas
  • Available in different sizes: from 3.5 to 6 feet
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • High-quality
  • Sits and stays on legs
  • Unfilled

#3 Jayefo MMA & Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy

Jayefo is another emerging brand in the martial arts equipment sector. And again, their grappling dummy is very similar to the ones offered by Hawk Sports and Jendila.

723 Ratings

Jayefo Jiu Jitsu Dummy
  • EMEX-R canvas made to last lifetime
  • Lifetime zippers warranty
  • Great mobility
  • Unfilled

BJJ Dummy Drills

When it comes to BJJ Dummy Drills, the possibilities are endless. From throws to transitions and submissions, you can train almost every aspect of Jiu Jitsu with a grappling dummy.

Remember, you can always put a Gi on your Jiu Jitsu Dummy, and you will be able to practice all techniques.

Utilizing a Jiu Jitsu dummy opens up a world of training possibilities. The following video by Baer Deeskalation gives you a great range of drills everyone can profit from. He starts with simple movements every BJJ athlete should know and proceeds to show transitions and submissions:

How to Fill a Jiu Jitsu Dummy

If you ordered a Jiu Jitsu Practice Dummy, it will probably arrive unfilled! This allows you to fill the grappling dummy yourself and customize it to your needs. This way, you can control the stiffness and weight of the dummy.

However, properly filling your Jiu Jitsu dummy can be challenging, but ensuring its functionality and durability is essential.

Simply follow these steps to create the perfect Jiu Jitsu Dummy:

Gather the Materials

Here’s what you need to create a fully functional Jiu Jitsu Training Dummy:

  1. A Jiu Jitsu dummy shell (see recommendations above)
  2. Old clothes, towels, blankets, raw cotton, poly-fill, or any other cotton filler material.
  3. Sandbags or poly pellets as additional weight (optional)

Here are a few options from Amazon in case you do not have sufficient stuffing material yet:

5 LBS Polyester Poly Fill
Poly Fill for Grappling Dummy
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth consistency
  • Washable and non-allergenic
  • Made in the USA
5 LBS Bean Bag Filler: Shredded Memory Foam
Bean Bag Filler
  • Doesn’t go flat or lumpy
  • Machine washable
8 LBS Extra Heavy Poly Pellets
Heavy Poly Pellets
  • Perfect for adding weight so a grappling dummy or heavy bag

2. Fill the Limbs and Torso

  • Start by filling the limbs with cloth or shredded fabric, ensuring a firm but not overly dense fill. The exact density comes down to personal preference and the use case of the dummy.
  • Fill the torso section, paying attention to maintaining a realistic weight distribution.

3. Adjust the firmness

  • Test the firmness of the dummy by applying pressure to different areas.
  • Add or remove filling as needed to achieve the desired level of firmness.

4. Optional weight addition

If desired, insert sandbags or additional weight into designated compartments for added stability and resistance.

Keep in mind, the material in your grappling dummy will keep moving over time. At some point, you might have to readjust the material distribution. However, the denser the dummy is filled, the less movement will happen.

Taking Care of a BJJ Grappling Dummy

It is not hard to take care of a BJJ Dummy. There are just three things you might want to consider:

  1. Don’t leave the dummy in extreme sun or cold exposure.
  2. Disinfect the grappling dummy regularly.
  3. Readjust filling whenever needed.

We recommend Clear Gear as it is specifically made to disinfect sports gear and doesn’t damage any fabrics:

Clear Gear
Clear Gear Equipment Disinfection
  • No harsh chemicals like bleach, alcohol, or ammonia
  • No toxicity, non-corrosive to surfaces, does not leave noxious fumes behind
  • Disinfects and deodorizes athletic gear, workout equipment, exercise mats
  • proven and effective one-step sanitizer and spot treatment on soft surfaces and fabrics
  • Sits and stays on legs
  • Used by professional NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL teams!


A Jiu Jitsu dummy might seem like a silly toy at first glance, but it can be an invaluable training tool that can elevate your skills and provide consistent training opportunities.

By selecting the best Jiu Jitsu grappling dummy, incorporating effective BJJ dummy drills, and knowing how to properly fill a Jiu Jitsu dummy, you can maximize your training sessions and progress on your Jiu Jitsu journey. Embrace the benefits of this training companion and take your skills to the next level.

Obviously, the Jiu Jitsu dummy can never replace live training partners entirely, but rather complement your regular training routine and help you refine your techniques and muscle memory.

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