BJJ Memes: 15 of the best BJJ Jokes and Memes

Bjj Blue belt meme

If you are really into BJJ you probably already know all its weird quirks, clichés, and quotes. We collected some of the best BJJ Memes and BJJ Jokes for you. They will surely make you laugh and have a familiar ring to you.

#1 The self-proclaimed expert

BJJ Youtube Stripe meme

Everybody knows this guy. He has a new fancy technique for each training session, in theory… Usually his newfound knowledge isn’t applicable, but he is already beating black belts in his head. With all joking aside, don’t we all have a little of it in us? Jiu-Jitsu is so much fun and sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves. We just love our BJJ memes and instructionals.

#2 Never uninjured

BJJ Spongebob Injury meme

This BJJ meme will resonate with everyone that takes Jiu-Jitsu seriously. No matter how broken you feel all day, somehow you will drag yourself to the gym and roll. And if your shoulder hurt before your BJJ session, maybe your knee hurts after the session. It’s an endless cycle and all of us BJJ athletes seem to “enjoy” it. BJJ addicts are really a different breed. Go check out our article How common are injuries in BJJ? to see what’s really going on.

#3 BJJ all the time

BJJ Guard Pass meme

This is what BJJ made of us. BJJ became second nature. The Jiu-Jitsu brain is always running in the background. But seriously, it doesn’t have to be this exact situation, but surely you have had a similar experience where you just had to pull a BJJ move.

#4 BJJ reality

BJJ Reality meme

Sometimes BJJ memes are simply sad but true. Certainly, BJJ must be way different from what people outside of the sport expect. There is a lot of proximity and intimacy involved, just not in the way one would hope. We all had to get used to cuddling with our fellows.

#5 If you and your partner have their own schedule

BJJ Actual Move meme

Just make sure your coach doesn’t catch you in the act. There is definitely a reason your coach has chosen a certain technique for the day, but sometimes we just know better or drilling over and over got to boring.

#6 Weight cutting is serious business

BJJ Weight Cuttign meme

Ok, this one is a little morbid… Nothing but respect for all our fellow athletes. On this note, don’t take weight cutting too serious. Compete the way you feel healthy and strong, especially if it is your first competition.

#7 Grapplers are gay

BJJ Gay meme

A little gay never hurt nobody… Nothing wrong with being gay, but we all know this kind of guy. Whatever, we all know what it’s worth to be rolling with our brothers.

#8 BJJ changing lives

BJJ Changing Lives meme

We can definitely relate and BJJ does change lives. When you first start of it is so much fun and you progress so fast. No wonder you can’t keep your mouth shut. Spread the word, so other people can benefit as well and become a part of the cult.

#9 I’m not obsessed, right?

BJJ Obsessed meme

I hate to break it to you, but rolling around in sweat for 3 hours, 5 times a week is considered an obsession by most “normal people”. That doesn’t stop us though. In the end, it’s a nice obsession to have. One that makes you strong, lets you enjoy yourself, wins you new friends and valuable experiences.

#10 Drill your chokes everyone

BJJ Chokes meme

This BJJ meme hits home. How many times have had a sore throat and trouble swallowing after a rough choke class? It’s rough, but at some point we need to learn how to choke, right? It will heal up with time and in the end it’s not a big deal. Check out our article on How common are injuries in BJJ? to see what statistics say about serious injuries in Jiu-Jitsu.

#11 Someone must pay

BJJ Self Heelhook meme

BJJ memes are fun, but giving yourself heel hooks is even better!

Sadly, most BJJ memes have some truth to them. Sometimes you just can’t pull off a move as expected. Don’t give up, one day you will catch a heel. Let’s just hope it is not your own. That being said, props for his flexibility, not everyone can do this.

#12 Don’t miss class

BJJ Missing Class meme

It’s always the same when you are forced to take a break. Miss just a few classes and you will feel like you have to start all over. Just remember, as soon as you are back on the mats again it will be all right where it was. Breaks will probably do more good than bad in the end. But ain’t nobody got time for that.

#13 When you just can’t resist

BJJ Roll Hard meme

Not the nicest move, but sometimes it’s fun to catch someone off guard and pull a strong move. Just make sure everyone is save and we can all continue to grow and have fun together.

#14 Escalation

BJJ Escalation meme

Sometimes we start with good intentions, but things get heated in the process. Happens to everybody. Just make sure you have the right intentions and no one gets hurt. Leave your ego at home.

#15 The most important BJJ promotion of your life

Most important promotion of your life BJJ memes

This one is not a meme. It is the truth, and it’s very important to understand.

Don’t get hung up on your progress or belt color. You already took the biggest step, and the most important BJJ promotion of your life is behind you. You are one of us now.

#16 Jiu-Jitsu is not hard on the body

BJJ old man meme

We have heard Jiu Jitsu being called the subtle art, but it doesn’t usually feel very subtle the next morning. Injuries are common in Jiu Jitsu, and many BJJ athletes walk around like they are ready for retirement.

Fortunately, a lot of the pain is just temporary and will eventually make us stronger in the end. With the right warm-up, stretching routine, and recovery routine, we all can optimize training for longevity.

#17 Protect yourself at all times

BJJ Protect Neck meme

We know, this one doesn’t make much sense, but we simply had to put it in here. The smirk on his face is just fabulous like: “Coach, I found a way!”. Just think of all the questionable techniques people have pulled on you. Maybe next time someone brings a pumpkin, who knows…

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