Jonah Hill BJJ: The Celebrity’s Belt Rank and Jiu Jitsu Journey

Jonah Hill BJJ

Jonah Hill is another A list celebrity that fell in love with BJJ. Besides being an actor, producer, director, screenwriter, comedian, and public figure, he can now call himself a BJJ athlete. He famously starred in Hollywood movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and Superbad.

Jonah has started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the recent years and already “can’t live without his BJJ GI anymore”. He describes his experience with BJJ as “humbling” and is happy that his friend persuaded him to give it a try.

Only time will tell if the two times Academy Award nominee will be as successful in Jiu Jitsu as he in the entertainment industry.

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Jonah Hill BJJ FAQ

Everything you need to know about Jonah Hill’s Jiu Jitsu Journey:

Jonah Hill has a White Belt in BJJ and is still in the earlier stages of his Jiu Jitsu journey.

Jonah Hill started training in late 2018 after a friend persuaded him to give it a try. Like most people he needed that little push to get it started.

Jonah Hill started training Jiu Jitsu at the age of 34 years back in late 2018.

If Jonah Hill is still actively training today, 2023 will be his 6th year of training.

Jonah Hill’s coach is Josh Griffith, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Kenny Florian. Josh is the lead instructor at Clockwork Jiu Jitsu.

According to an old Instagram post by Jonah he tried to train BJJ 4 to 5 times a week. Nevertheless, we don’t know if and how much he trains today.

Jonah Hill started his BJJ journey at Clockwork Jiu Jitsu in New York and probably still trains there.

Jonah doesn’t seem to compete in BJJ as he never published any information on the topic or footage of him competing.

Jonah Hill’s Jiu Jitsu Journey

Jonah didn’t have a good relationship to Jiu Jitsu and martial arts in the past since he sadly used to be bullied by Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Today he’s glad that he was able to overcome the negative feeling towards the sport and finally started training himself.

The actor takes his BJJ training seriously and tries to train 4 to 5 times a week.

He described his journey as “humbling” as he struggled to fight lighter but more experienced athletes.

Jonah Hill BJJ Instagram Post
Jonah Hill BJJ Instagram Post

At some point most BJJ practitioners get addicted to the sport and Jonah is no different as he states he “can’t live without his BJJ Gi anymore”.

Other Celebrities on Jonah Hill Training BJJ

Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo are glad Jonah Hill got into Jiu Jitsu:


It is good to see a great actor getting into BJJ. He was never known for being an athlete and didn’t start his BJJ journey at a young age. Therefore, he is a great role model for anyone that is hesitant to get into Jiu Jitsu.

Jonah is a great representative for the sport and we wish him all the best for the future.

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