Millie Bobby Brown Jiu Jitsu: Number 11 Loves Fighting

Millie Bobby Brown Jiu Jitsu

Millie Bobby Brown’s Jiu Jitsu Journey began in 2016, and she is most likely still a BJJ White Belt today.

The actress is best known for playing Eleven in the TV series Stranger Things. She has also played roles in movies like Godzilla and the title character in Enola Holmes.

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Millie Bobby Brown Jiu Jitsu FAQ

Everything you need to know about Millie Bobby Brown’s Jiu Jitsu journey in short form:

Millie Bobby Brown trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Trevor Chamberlain of Phoenix MMA in England. However, it is unclear if she still pursues the sport.

Millie Bobby Brown is most likely a two-stripe White Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today, as there is no information on a possible promotion to Blue Belt available on the Internet.

The actress started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2016.

Millie’s Jiu Jitsu coach is Trevor Chamberlain of Phoenix MMA in England.

Millie Bobby Brown is trained in Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She is known to pick up on techniques very fast by her acting colleagues.

Millie Bobby Brown Promoted to Two Stripe BJJ White Belt

Back in 2016, Millie Bobby Brown received the second stripe on her Jiu Jitsu White Belt from her coach and BJJ Black Belt Trevor Chamberlain of Phoenix MMA:

Millie Bobby Brown promoted to Two Stripe BJJ White Belt
Millie Bobby Brown promoted to Two Stripe BJJ White Belt
Millie Bobby Brown and BJJ coach Trevor Chamberlain
Millie Bobby Brown and BJJ coach Trevor Chamberlain

Millie Bobby Brown Jiu Jitsu in Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown recently starred in the Enola Holmes movies, where she played the title character Enola, the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. The movies contain countless fighting scenes and fighting techniques.

In the movies, Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) learns Japanese Jiu Jitsu from her mother Eudoria, and especially from her mother’s sister Edith. For example, Enola is struggling to learn the corkscrew technique but is able to master it at the end of the first movie.

The actress made the following remarks on her Jiu Jitsu training for Enola Holmes:

“I don’t think it’s easy to just do Jiu-Jitsu in itself. But yes, obviously doing it in a corset and heels made it a bit more difficult. Don’t get me wrong but I think it made it more fun”

The following video shows Millie Bobby Brown practicing a fighting scene for the movie Enola Holmes. Keep in mind, she is rather practicing a choreography than training in martial arts.

This is how Millie Bobby Brown’s fighting and Jiu Jitsu skills translated to the Enola Holmes movies:

Millie Bobby Brown is Good at Boxing

Millie Bobby Brown not only trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but also loves boxing. The actress stated the following a few years ago:

“I train to box. Obviously, I don’t want to do it professionally. But I have done some inter-clubs before. It’s at Phoenix MMA U.K., down in London. It’s a great gym, and I have lots of friends. Because I’m homeschooled, I get kind of lonely sometimes. So I like to go to the gym. I do Thai boxing Mondays, Jiu Jitsu Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Wednesdays I do boxing with Marc [Plunkett]. He was a world champion at one point. I absolutely love it. I actually have a punching bag right outside in my garden. I’m obsessed with working out. I eat like a pig so it kind of makes up for that.”

Check out Millie Bobby Brown working on her boxing skills with professional boxer Dan Morley:


Brown used to be in love with Boxing , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial arts in general. Unfortunately, she hasn’t updated the public on her Jiu Jitsu training on social media in a long time.

We hope she finds back to the sport and keeps spreading the word.

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