Ashton Kutcher BJJ: Two and a Half Stripes to Celebrity Black Belt

Ashton Kutcher BJJ

Ashton Kutcher is currently a Brown Belt in BJJ under Rigan Machado and has now spent more than 10 years training Jiu Jitsu. Combining his wrestling experience and BJJ skills make the celebrity a well-rounded and dangerous grappler.

The actor is widely known for his roles as Walden Schmidt in Two and a Half Men and Michael Kelso in That 70’s Show among other movie roles.

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Ashton Kutcher BJJ FAQ

Everything you need to know about Ashton Kutcher’s Jiu Jitsu Journey:

The actor has trained Jiu Jitsu consistently for many years and has earned himself a Brown Belt in BJJ. Therefore, he is only one promotion away from becoming a Black Belt.

Kutcher started training BJJ in 2013. However, he was not a grappling beginner as he had plenty of wrestling experience at this point.

Since Ashton started training BJJ in 2013 he was about 35 years old when he began his Jiu Jitsu training journey.

2023 is Ashton’s 11th year of training BJJ. Without a doubt 11 years of training made him a seasoned martial artist and knowledgeable Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

Ashton is only one promotion away from earning his Black Belt in BJJ as he currently is a Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu.

The celebrity was promoted to Brown Belt in late 2019 through Rigan Machado.

Ashton’s coach is Rigan Machado, an accomplished martial artist and BJJ Coral Belt based in Los Angeles. Rigan is known for teaching many celebrity students.

Kutcher doesn’t compete in BJJ as there is no competition footage available. The actor must make sure not to get hurt which would decrement his acting career.

The actor has experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling which make up for a great combination of fighting skills.

Ashton is not a competitive BJJ athlete, but he certainly knows how to fight. He has been training Jiu Jitsu for more than 10 years on top of his wrestling experience.

Ashton Kutcher’s BJJ Journey

The actor grew up in Iowa where he collected wrestling experience in his younger years. In 2013 at the age of 35 years he started training BJJ and progressed through the belt ranks rather quickly:

  • 2013: Kutcher started training BJJ under Rigan Machado
  • Early 2014: Graduation to Blue Belt
  • Late 2014: Graduation to Purple Belt
  • Late 2019: Graduation to Brown Belt

The following video shows Ashton Kutcher’s Brown Belt Promotion through Rigan Machado:

How good is Ashton Kutcher at Jiu Jitsu?

Ashton’s true BJJ expertise was doubted for a while as he progressed through the ranks quickly achieving his Purple Belt in less than 2 years.

On top of that he never competed and trains under Rigan Machado who offers a special celebrity training system called “Flow Jiu Jitsu” that doesn’t involve hard sparring.

Nevertheless, Rigan Machado doesn’t hand out Brown Belts for nothing. Kutcher must be a skilled Jiu Jitsu practitioner that is able to prove his skills through sparring to have the honor to be graduated.

Joe Rogan, who is a BJJ Black Belt himself, vouches for Ashton Kutcher’s Jiu Jitsu skills:

“If Ashton Kutcher got a Purple Belt from Rigan Machado, that shit is legit.”

Additionally, the following video shows Ashton Kutcher sparring Craig Jones, a professional grappler and Jiu Jitsu world champion:


Ashton Kutcher is a great actor and martial artist. Becoming a Brown Belt under Rigan Machado is not an easy task and has to be earned every step of the way.

If the actor keeps doing what he is doing, we have no doubt that he will be a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in the future.

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